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An Apothecary of Beauty offering skincare services to renovate, rejuvenate and recharge your skin. Mixing today's technology with the elements of nature. ..


**All  Facial Treatments include an initial 10 min consultation and are customized according to your skins needs**

Lunch Break Facial-30 min- $60

Catered to those who have limited time or desire a quick cleanse in between regularly scheduled facials. Includes deep cleansing+treatment+5 min extraction+moisturizer.

Deep Cleansing Facial-60 min-$90

A deep cleanse of the skin followed by an enzyme scrub+extractions+massage of the neck/shoulders/feet/hands+treatment mask+moisturizer

Hydro Charge Facial-70 min- $105

All elements of a Deep Cleansing facial + Oxygen Therapy. Combining 90% pure Oxygen+ an infusion of Collagen, Lavender or Skin brightening Vitamin C to give your skin an extra boost of hydration and healing properties. Best for Dry, Sensitive and Anti-Aging Skin types.

Resurfacing Facial- 70min- $125

Deep Cleanse+Diamond Microderm or 30% Professional Peel Treatment+ Mask+ Neck/Shoulder Massage+ Moisturizer. Best for those fighting hyper-pigmentation, fine line/wrinkles, enlarged pores or uneven texture.

A La Carte $10

Hand/Foot Treatment

Honey heel mask of the feet+paraffin treatment of hands/feet+hand warming gloves

Seasonal Cocktail Mask

*All seasonal Masks are 100% organic. Please inquire about what delicious cocktail is being featured this month!


Organic Teas are infused into your steam treatment. Along with Essential oils added to your massage and tonic to help relax the Mind+Body+Soul.

Eye/Lip Treatment

Exfoliation of the lips+Herbal Hydrating Mask of Eyes/lips+Cooling stone compress